Re: Those Who Fail To Feel Happy For You

Where can you find people who would not geniunely feel happy when something good happens to you?


We are born to be selfish. We are gifted with the inability to feel happiness when our self-esteem is being challenged upon. However, a few lucky ones would manage to condition themselves to achieve the unnatural. While we continue to make an effort in doing so, here are some ways to counter attacks of the BIG E-G-O:

"OMG I’m so happy I don’t care how sad people feel about themselves!"

"So what if this is like the best thing that ever happened to me? I can’t feel happy at all! I couldn’t possibly bring myself to when it makes my best friend miserable instead."

"This should be the happiest day of my life. I wish everyone around me will genuinely feel happy for me, then i will really feel that it’s the happiest day of my life."

"Is this really awesome? Name me one person here who really gives a shit.”

Re: Your Best Friend Whose Heart Has Been Broken By the Same Shitty Guy For the Past 2 Years

He’s a jerk; everyone knows it, including your best friend who has been dating him for 2 years now.

Now that she is trying to recover from the (what-seems-like) thousandth heartbreak he has put her through, you are thinking:


How do you put it across to her? For the past umpteen times similar to this, your words towards her have been repeating like a Billboard’s Top on radio.

You have run out of things to say, or have you?

"Are you done crying? When you are, let’s grab some lunch and we can think about what "you should do" the next time this same shit happens."

"I know deep inside, you know that the right thing to do is to leave him. But it’s so difficult to do so. Do you know why it’s so difficult? Because things will change after that! And we humans don’t like changes, don’t we? We hate changes! But if bad things don’t change, bad things will go on. It’s gonna be hard, but if you bring out the strength and courage to overcome these changes, you will get the best feeling ever. I can promise you that."